Attention Financial Advisors and Insurance Producers…

Attract the Clients You Want
with Content that Converts…


(without having to hire your own ghostwriter!)


When top financial advisor and author Kim D. H. Butler partnered up with marketing strategist and “ghostblogger” Kate Phillips, they discovered that GIVING AWAY their best books and other content attracted motivated, high quality CLIENTS like CRAZY!

It also roused “dormant” clients from their sleep, made referrals effortless, and KEPT THE APPOINTMENT BOOK FULL.

Why? Because “Content Marketing” educates people in such a way that they are motivated to take action.

If you’re not using education-based marketing content to attract, educate and motivate clients, you’re doing business the hard, slow, ineffective way.

Turn strangers into PROSPECTS, prospects into CLIENTS, and clients into REFERRAL PARTNERS with “content marketing.”


This is for you if…

Your financial advice isn’t the “typical” advice doled out by Wall Street brokers… and it’s hard to explain sometimes.

You help clients build wealth using creative strategies using whole life insurance and other “tried and true” methods… but you wish you could help more people.

You understand the value of an educated client, and you understand the value of being an educator and not a “salesperson.”

You know you should be creating relevant, quality content for your website and newsletters, but it just never gets done. (And you haven’t been able to find someone else to do it, either.)

You already find it difficult to carve out enough time for “marketing activities.” You just wish you had a way to reliably attract prospects and clients that didn’t require you to spend HOURS doing it.


        • Build online marketing ASSETS that grow and work for you over time, allowing you to leverage your efforts.
        • Engage website visitors with interesting information and ideas they may not have heard anywhere else.
        • Capture leads from your website. Use an ebook “lead magnet” to collect email addresses of people who are interested in what you offer.
        • Keep in touch easily and effectively. Email articles regularly to your growing list of prospects and clients.
        • Be an educator, not a salesperson. Position yourself as a leader by “giving first” and by teaching others through your specialized content.
        • Customize content to make it “yours.” Brand articles, reports and ebooks with your business name and logo. Add a personal foreword and conclusion if you like.
        • Learn how to supplement our content with your original content. Use our training and model our content to create additional blog posts that engage website visitors (with or without a ghostwriter!)
        • Supercharge your networking. While others are looking to GET leads, you’ll be looking to GIVE valuable content that CREATES leads for you!

Now you can!


Content 4 Clients

Content 4 Clients package

CONTENT 4 CLIENTS is a revolutionary content marketing package created for “Prosperity Economics” advisors and insurance professionals.

Now you can LICENSE proven client-attracting CONTENT in your business to:

      • “Give first” by sharing ebooks freely with as many people as you like through emails, downloads on your website, or printing and distribution.
      • Generate leads by using content as a “lead magnet” on your website to capture emails of interested visitors.
      • Use as a powerful referral tool by asking your clients, friends, and referral partners to give away copies of ebooks or other resources.
      • Brand with your business name, logo, and contact information, even a personal foreword.
      • “Keep in touch” with prospects and clients by sharing articles or re-purposing as ezine or newsletter content.
      • Post educational and client-attracting content on your business blog or website.
      • Record content as an audio to play or distribute as MP3s on your website, or manufacture audio CDs to give to clients.
      • Develop Prosperity Economics talks, presentations, slide shows or videos..
      • Educate and motivate prospects and clients by creating e-courses using simple email auto-responders.
      • Use the 7 Principles of Prosperity™ and the Prosperity Economics Movement logo in your business.
      • Share links on social media (no ads please) to direct people to content on your website.
      • Post quotes or quote images on social media.
      • Use your imagination to think of MORE ways to share the content!



What you’ll get:

You’ll get access to personalize, use and share:


      • Financial Planning Has FAILED – a 62-page ebook in PDF and Word formats with all company references removed. (You can add your own forward, edit to fit your business, even change title if you like.)
      • “Permission to Spend,” a 16 page Special Report in PDF and Word formats.
      • Live Your Life Insurance – Second Edition PDF (new cover!) Will be available in a week.
      • Over 30 articles! TWENTY are waiting for you in the members’ areas now, with several more on the way.
      • 7 Principles of Prosperity™Video (Kim Butler narrates, branded to the Prosperity Economics Movement)
      • 7 Principles of Prosperity™ Summary Sheet with original “Prosperity Tree” art.
      • Kim’s home page video transcript that connects with website visitors and invites them to opt in for P4P’s lead magnet. (Adapt to your business and film your OWN welcome video!)
      • SAMPLE AutoResponders – We’ll give you a 50-page Word doc with Partners for Prosperity’s 18-email AutoResponders series. You can model or “cannibalize” the copy to use in newsletters, blog posts, or elsewhere.
      • The Family Banking Book An ebook to explain and inspire multi-generational life insurance (coming in the fall)
      • “Make a Million Dollar Resolution” Special Report (coming the first of the year.)
      • Images and quotes such as each of the 7 Principles of Prosperity that you can use on Facebook, in blog posts, etc.
      • “Book Blurbs” Descriptions of ebook and special reports you can use to inspire people to download and read them.
      • Our personal “rolodex” of resources and service providers who can help you add articles (or “posts”) to a blog, set up an AutoResponder, start your own podcast, design a new website or audio CD cover, or manage your social media.



So, how did we arrive at the price?

Kim spends a LOT of money on marketing and content development, because it’s WORTH IT to do so. But it’s not cheap!

Have you priced ghostwriters RECENTLY???

We have. We received quotes from $14,000 to write a short ebook and a whopping $40k for a full-length book (IF we could provide some source material.)

In-demand financial authors charge up to $650 an article. (You’ll get 30 of them.)

The informational video from a top video producer and the original art and book covers from professionals add up, too.

You could easily pay $50k, $60k or more to develop the resources in this package.

We could have priced this at $5,000 and we know advisors who would understand the value and gladly pay that. But we wanted to price it so that many more advisors could benefit and HELP GET THIS INFORMATION OUT THERE!

We settled on a price of $1997.

At $1997, anyone who USES this content will easily see a return many times over on their investment. Just one client can pay for this package…

Plus, you’ll be saving LOTS of time and money trying to develop content all on your own!

One Content4Clients advisor raved,

I was trying to write my own book from my experiences and calculators and history and other examples of actual cases, but this has really put me ahead by two years, at least.

This program will really give me tons of credibility quickly.. .

– Scott McRae

Another advisor emailed us recently to say,

“I have put the C4C into action, and I’m seeing quite an increase on our website activity, with some inquiriess coming in. The content is very helpful…

“It’s refreshing to have the tools that bring prospects in. Thanks for everything.”

– Evan Beecham

There’s NO RISK to You…

60-day-guaranteeYou’ll have a SIXTY DAY guarantee to make sure that the content is a fit for you.

If you decide it’s not, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund your money.

We KNOW this content has generated a LOT of business for us, but we want you to be confident that it’s a fit for your business.

And of COURSE there are bonuses!

Bonus #1: Live Training / Q & A with Kate Phillips and Kim D. H. Butler

The ghost-writing marketing geek and the top-producing advisor and financial author behind CONTENT 4 CLIENTS will personally guide you, answer your questions, and get you started in a live “members only” training call. (This will be recorded and kept in the members’ area.)

We want you to USE the content and SUCCEED with it!

Bonus #2: Recorded Fast Start Training and Q & A Training with Kate Phillips and Kim D. H. Butler

These are recorded and waiting for you in the members’ area so you don’t have to wait for our next live training/Q & A to get started!

Bonus #3: Blogging Basics Training with Kate Phillips

We’ve watched Kate quadruple our website traffic, engage readers, and raise our google rankings through the roof.

In this recorded video training, Kate gives away tons of tips to make your blog better, including 21 easy ideas on “what to blog about,” what makes blog posts get SHARED online, and a case study with examples from Partners for Prosperity showing how to raise your chances of getting found online.

Bonus #4: A vote!

Is there a topic you really want an article about? Kate will listen to requests and feedback and will round out the article selection with whatever our CONTENT 4 CLIENTS “inner circle” wants the most.



Consider your options…

​You could keep worrying about where and how you’ll find your next client… doing the same things, while hoping for a better result.

You can keep using the same time-consuming strategies such as networking, pressing for referrals, or (shudder) cold calling that keep you in the “feast or famine” cycle (with more famine than feast!)

You could buy more advertising. It’s expensive and you already know that you can’t count on the results. Usually it’s money right down the drain.

You could create your OWN content, with considerable time, effort, and money. (But you probably won’t…)

Or you could take a shortcut cut with CONTENT 4 CLIENTS.


This page has gotten long enough…

Just one final note.

My (Kim Butler’s) financial practice has literally been transformed by content marketing. I have been a huge fan of content creation for years, using books to educate clients, shorten the sales cycle and position myself as an expert.

But using content for LEAD GENERATION?? I was skeptical!

I am SO grateful to Kate for gently pushing me to revamp my strategy…

  • to start creating original material for my blog (3+ years ago)
  • to write a compelling new book and GIVE it away…
  • to create a six-week AutoResponder sequence that “RECYCLES” some of our best content from the last 3 years to new prospects…
  • to change from a monthly online newsletter to a WEEKLY one…
  • and to continue to tweak and test, to develop and implement effective strategies to keep my calendar full doing what I love… TALKING TO CLIENTS!

I don’t go to networking meetings, I don’t meet prospects for coffee or lunch, and the thought of COLD-CALLING is absolutely ABSURD to me!

My website attracts leads EVERY SINGLE DAY and quality, interested clients COME TO ME… no chasing necessary. I owe that fact to the resources and strategies I now offer to you.

Join us in spreading the good news of Prosperity Economics with CONTENT 4 CLIENTS!



(Just a few details to clarify questions we’ve received…)

A. You’ll get lifetime access to the resources. As a charter member, you will also have opportunity to “renew” when package is updated with fresh articles and new ebooks for a drastically reduced price, if you wish.

You’ll receive most of your content NOW, with additional content added between now and January.

B. If you’re not an independent advisor, it will be up to you to vet the materials through your own compliance. You can make changes to the resources as required.

C. You may use the ARTICLES freely on your own website or blog, no copyright or attribution necessary. You may use the copyright Prosperity Economics Movement if you wish. You can print them, email them, record them, use them as newsletter content, in autoresponders or ecourses, or offer them as a download. You may edit them, adapt them, combine them, or turn them into multiple articles. You can use content on Twitter, Facebook, or as status updates on any social media platform.

D. EBOOKS and SPECIAL REPORTS can be downloaded, emailed, printed (you may even have them typeset, printed and bound as physical books, if you wish). You can record the content as an audiobook mp3 or CD. You may even sell the books and special reports on your website, provided that you do not promote the products online using paid advertising.

E. IMAGES and the 7 PRINCIPLES VIDEO can be used as you wish, with exceptions below.

F. There’s a LOT of things you CAN do with the content! And just a few things we ask you NOT to do:

  • We ask you not to take paid ads on Facebook or the internet advertising the content.
  • Don’t publish or republish any CONTENT 4 CLIENTS materials on Amazon in any format (Kindle, physical book, audio book). We reserve the exclusive right to do so.
  • Please don’t remove the existing copyright or author’s name(s) on the book or ebook content ((c)Prosperity Economics Movement). (You may add a “co-copyright if you add your own content, such as a foreword, conclusion, or additional content.)
  • Please use the article content on your own websites and blogs. I.e., don’t publish the content as “yours” on LinkedIn’s “Pulse” article platform or on You MAY adapt material for use on such platforms, but please don’t use material “verbatim.”

These requests are for three reasons:

    • To protect advisors from looking like they are plagiarizing someone else when the same content appears online more than once.
    • To protect our own intellectual property, which we are LICENSING to you to use, but not SELLING away our rights to.
    • To encourage a “grassroots” approach rather than 10 advisors bidding for google ad words.

G. Groups or agencies may not share a Content4Clients license. However married (or unmarried) partners may share if they are working with same clients and prospects.

H. As mentioned on the call, advisors are always welcome to share LINKS to either Partners4Prosperity’s blog or articles (branded to the Prosperity Economics Movement.) The Prosperity Peaks articles are the same ones you’ll be able to personalize and use on YOUR website and in your marketing or newsletters (with more to come!) as part of the Content4Clients package.

(Burning questions? Email us at



How it all started…

CONTENT 4 CLIENTS was initially introduced on a TeleSeminar with Kate Phillips and Kim Butler on June 18, 2015. Hear Kim Butler and Kate Phillips discuss how Content Marketing has TRANSFORMED Kim’s financial practice in the “3 Leads a Day” Teleclass:

LISTEN to the “Three Leads a Day” REPLAY:

Download the Mp3 (Right Click and Save As…)

UPDATE: “More Leads, More Clients” Webcast

On September 29, 2015, Kim and Kate delivered a live webcast training, “More Leads, Better Clients.” In this webcast they gave additional details on how to stop “chasing” prospects – especially ones that aren’t qualified – and create a marketing strategy that works.

CLICK HERE to watch the Webcast REPLAY.

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